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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zahin Erza b. Zairi is 1 year old....

he's adorable. he's bright. he's handsome. and i love him so much.

he was a miracle to me. think i've said this over and over again; everytime i write about him. indeed he is.

he turned 1, last June 11th. we waited actually, till the clock striked 00:00am (he seemed to understand or at least felt something special, for he stayed up too, cheerfully!) and all of us (yes, all 6 of us!) sang him a birthday song. he was very happy. i had tears in my eyes. there were mixed of feelings, i suppose, hitting me that night.

he's walking now. laju! hahahaha. paced up quickly. quickest of them all, i reckon. got 1st tooth at 6months old, and started walking at 10 months. but he's still nursed. :)

he, being the last of four, learned fast. he has learned to quarrel, you know. especially with his 2nd sister (my 3rd angel), darling. he loves being on that toy car that we usually see at the shopping mall. at first i thought he'd be afraid, for when coins inserted, it wobbles. but no wayyyyy! he loved it! isn't he one bright kid? ;)

happy birthday my dear A-een. mama loves you very much. be wise, be bright, grow smart and healthy. be reasonable, adorable, admirable, respectable. i pray for all good things, for you and for all my beautiful children. insya allah.

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