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I support breast feeding!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

When a friend lost his dear sister; the only sister.

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The victim was a dear sister to my ex-classmate in SM Projek. I didn't know about it until a week later. I noticed something when he (my friend) updated his FB status in a weird-not-very-him way.

I wondered:-
'Why does he wants to perform Umrah for Nadia?'
'Why is he at the police station with two witnesses?'
'What witness?'

Then I started to stalk his FB. Then I got strucked. I befriended his wife too on FB but since she wasn't listed as close friends, and she was the one who updated her status about the lost, I didn't get the news fresh on the day it happened (having too much friends on fb sometimes causes me something bad too, eh?), even though my friend was tagged on his wife's status. I called him immediately. He was at the Police Station. He sounded so calm (as I know him very talkative and funny and cheeky). I can't help but cried. He said, 'Eh..dah lah tu, jangan menangis. Dah seminggu dah pun. Semua dah selesai.' I wanted to ask for more info but I couldn't speak properly. He wanted to call me back after he is settled with the Police but I declined. I can't bear it. I can't bear that he was so calm. It tore my heart apart. His only sister has passed on and he was so calm accepting it. Redha. Allahuakbar. I wish I will be as strong too.

Is dan Hanis,

Aku doakan semoga arwah tenang di sana. Dia baik. Walau aku tak pernah bertegur sapa dengan dia, gambar2 dia yang ceria tu sudah cukup menilai dan menceritakannya. Sampaikan salam aku pada kedua orang tua kau. Aku tak dapat bayangkan bagaimana penerimaan mereka. Pun begitu, dari reaksi kau, aku tahu, mereka lebih redha. Tenangnya kau, adalah refleks dari ketenangan orang tua kau.


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