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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Father's day is coming...

June is Father's month. Hail all GOOD fathers in the world!

i still have my dad. he's well and kicking (hehehe..), Alhamdulillah. he may not be as strong as he was 20 years ago but he is still my idol. he worked hard then, and still do, now. only the difference, then was for the continuity growth of his family tree, and now for his own pleasure and hobby and perhaps some legacy to be left behind for his grandchildren so forth. he has transformed, i would say. from somewhat ordinary to someone extraordinary. i admire his will and determination in doing something. he fails and succeeds. that's what makes him, who and what he is, today. i love my dad very much. though he was rarely at home (he worked shifts, back then), he seldom asked me on how was i doing in school, not ever appeared during any of my award giving ceremonies etc, bla..bla.. typical old time dad!
BUT! he did have time to send me to school (most of the time, late! he finished work at 7am and were only reached home at 7.50!!). reminiscing those days, the memories, i smiled in teary eyes.

now that i am a mother, and my hubby is often home late, often out here and there doing his on-field-sound-engineer job, and my children look up on him waaaayyyy much more than me, i can not argue no more. i was once in their shoes! every time i battled with myself, why am i not being praised by my children as they do to their father, for i'm the one gave birth to them, bathe them, feed them, manage them at home bla..bla.. i will go back to those years, when i was their age, and i will be calm. and smiling again.

father, in a way, manage to make their children proud, regardless of however they treat their children at home. err... certainly not those kind of fathers who beaten up their children to death. those are stupid fathers. a disgust to a 'Father Society'.

Ayah, kakak sayang ayah! dan tak akan jemu untuk ucapkannya berulangkali, walau selamanya.

as to my beloved hubby, you are a good father. i love you lots. and you deserve a good Father's Day treat. later, ya? :p

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