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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Friday, September 4, 2009

my darling lili...

she'll turn 2 this coming september 16th.

she's beautiful and growing brighter each and everyday. the severe cut she had last week, seems fine to her but not forgotten. even the bandage is officially off of the finger, she still raised the particular up to avoid getting wet in the shower, as if it was still heavily bleeds. funny, this cheeky little girl.

as in communication skills, she's way too good for the age of 2. say 'terima kasih' and she'll reply 'ama-ama'. when entering the house, she'll greet 'kummm..' (assalamualaikum). she talk too much, you know. and when being scolded or said no to this and that, she'd say 'mama niihhh!' with her jelingan mata (what to say this in english, i do not know. cheh!) she can even recite doa before sleeping, you know. she learns new vocab everyday. not just from us, the family, but also from her surroundings e.g tv, neighbours etc.

oh, yeah, she sulks and gets angry too. even nags. ha ha ha.. a tough rival for her brother. and she definitely love to scream!!

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