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I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Journey: Sandakan-Lahad Datu-Kunak-Semporna-Tawau-Kunak-Lahad Datu-Sandakan (Part 1)


That was how I felt counting down to the scheduled date (22 October 2011). I couldn't sleep well. I even vomit quite a few times, indicating how nervous and excited I was towards the journey.

On the day itself, I woke the children up as early as 2.30am, for we had to catch a 7.25am AirAsia flight to Sandakan. Why so early? Well, we are from Kapar and to LCCT in Sepang will take about 45 minutes to arrive. Besides, handling 4 children early in the morning with only a few hours sleep is not an easy task itself. Right? :) My parents-in-law arrived around 4am to pick us all up. My 2 sis-in-law came along too, as one of them had to bring back the car. (aih, itupun nak cerita, ka?)

The kids were all geared-up and excited. It took me a week to list and pack their baggage and belongings. Arriving at the airport, half sleepy, the kids kept on running around like the flight won't wait. It was only 5am! Zahin (my 28months son) had already fell and bumped his head onto the floor, while waiting for our flight to arrive, just after I performed Subuh. Breakfast? RM5 pau, RM7 Hot Chocolate! Expensive? Airport, maaa!!! :D

This was the first time ever my children flown in an aeroplane. Well, except for Dalia, because she had flown with AirAsia before, when she was 10 months old. They were all excited. I asked them to drink and eat some bread while departing so that they won't feel the air pressure in their ears. Luckily, they were all fast asleep short after departing. Awaken about half an hour before touch down, they experience the feelings using the toilet in the plane, while in the air. Hahaha! We didn't buy any foods on board for its too expensive. Might as well 'makan besar' on the ground!

Arrived in Sandakan (with my Ziyad won't stop saying he can't hear his voice loud and clear while talking, due the pressure while landing..duhhh!) around 10am and here started our beautiful scenery to Kunak. be continued..

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