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I support breast feeding!

I support breast feeding!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My darling Dalili 2

Poor my darling Dalili. She'll be wearing this fiberglass cast till after Raya. Luckily, its a fiberglass cast; lighter. I was so frustrated when the doctor said she has to continue wearing it, the last time I brought her to the hospital for second checkup/ follow up.

When we bought her a new pair of Raya shoes, and she asked whether she can wear it, I was torn. How can she? She's turning 4 this coming Malaysia Day (Sept 16 2011), and watching her like this, burning me inside and out.

But she's still can't sit tight. She's an active girl, what can I say? Since the cast is a bit lighter now, she's started jumping around again. Been raising my voice, been slow-talking to her, this cheeky little darling of mine is so stubborn. :p

Sometimes she whines, uncomfortable with her cast. I feel helpless. What can I do to lessen her burden? Not a day goes by that I don't cry watching her while she's asleep. Really hope that after Raya, she'll be fully recovered. According to the doctor, she won't remember that she has had a broken leg, even after 15 years time. Let's hope the doctor's right. Ya Allah, please help my darling Dalili.

Next follow up, 6 September 2011; 10 days to my sister's wedding.

Ya Rabbi, permudahkanlah segalanya. Kasihanilah anak kecilku ini.

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